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Tainan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Message from the Superintendent

In 1995 National Health Insurance (NHI) was implemented in Taiwan and influenced development of medical institutes. In July 2002, NHI carried out hospital budget payment. The major concern of Hospital operation is how to provide healthcare with continuous, efficiency, equity, and quality.

To cope with policy change, we promote 5C (Cure, Care, Control, Comfort, Considerate) as our management strategies, and are in deep alliance with NCKUH Medical Center to recruit physician manpower and expand FRIEND (Find, Remind, Invite, Equip, Notify, Desire) plans. In addition, we also improve the quality of medical care to achieve the goal of protecting people’s health in Tainan.

To accomplish a holistic health society.

Implement national health policies, and build a friendly healthcare environment.

Protect people's health and peace in Tainan.
In prospect, stand on the ancient city and connect with the world.

Improve medical quality and quantity.
Link medical center.
Expand health promotion.
Protect people's health in Tainan.

Improve medical quality and quantity (Cure)
Extend profession on long-term care (Care)
Promote sub-health disease prevention and control (Control)
Create a comfortable medical environment (Comfort)
Empathy (Considerate)