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Tainan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare


Tainan State Hospital was founded by the Japanese government in 1896. In 1945 the Taiwan government took it back from the Japanese government and Tainan State Hospital was renamed “Taiwan Provincial Tainan Hospital” and became a government provincial hospital. In 1999, the management of Tainan Hospital was transferred to the Department of Health, Executive Yuan from the provincial government. It was renamed “Tainan Hospital, Department of Health, Executive Yuan”. To offer better services in Tainan County, we were assigned to build and operate the Xinhua Branch under the Health policy of the Department of Health in March 1999.

Today Tainan Hospital is regional and teaching hospital. Tainan Hospital has been serving the healthcare needs of the people of Tainan City and County for the last ten decades. We continue our commitment to a healthier community, and that commitment is an important part of our Mission Statement. We take that responsibility seriously and have pledged all our staff to achieve that goal.